Campeonato da Europa (dia 20) FINAL A

Nota: O video não tem som.


A dupla fraga mendes conseguiu o 5º lugar com 6:38:80 a 10 segundos dos gregos (Dimitrios Mougios, Vasileios Polymeros) , foi um bom resultado mas ainda estamos á espera de vermos melhor =D.

Comentários Fisa:
As the wind turned around to a tail, Greece hit the water again. And again they were flying. Vasileios Polymeros and Dimitrios Mougios of Greece are the defending European Champions and Beijing Olympic medallists. With that pedigree the Greeks had the confidence to jump out into the lead at the start and challenge anyone to overtake them.

Italy’s Lorenzo Bertini and Elia Luini did their best to hold on to the Greeks and they did a fine effort through the first half of the race. But then Polymeros and Mougios, rating a solid 34 through the body of the race, managed to move away from the Italians. Meanwhile France’s Pierre-Etienne Pollez and Maxime Goisset was having a huge battle with Austria. In the sprint to the line Greece continued to hold the pace. Italy remained in second and France held off Austria to take third. Greece gain their fourth gold medal of this regatta.


Dimitrios Mougios, Vasileios Polymeros (GRE) – Gold
“We’re the champions! Thank you for everything, that was really great.” Dimitrios Mougios.

Lorenzo Bertini, Elia Luini (ITA) – Silver
“It’s a beautiful rowing course, we really were aimed at winning, but the problem is the wind. And our competitors who are very strong”. Lorenzo Bertini.


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